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Sharing the love for music

Daniela is a music enthusiast and she loves getting people singing and having fun!

She is a vocal technique expert, a creativity/improvisation advocate and a strong believer in life-long learning. She is passionate about the next generation of performers and brings to the table more than 10 years of experience. 

Daniela is the founder and director of THE GREAT WINDMILL, an independent music and singing studio in central London; offering a variety of singing and music opportunities, from individual singing lessons to group sessions, recording, casting and artist development for film/theatre/ advertisement. Clients’ list included TV Allianz, Fivefootsix, Adelphoi Music.

Her professional roles as a vocal coach gave her the opportunity to work with a wide range of people from professional singers to beginners, children and adults, collaborating with independent music schools, festivals and recording labels/producers. As a researcher, Daniela’s current pedagogical focus is on deepening the understanding of group improvisational vocal activities and techniques.

So, whether you are on tour or recording an album, getting ready for an audition or needing help writing songs, from music theory to vocal technique and even only singing for the joy of it, GET IN TOUCH!

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